Welcome to your 2020 Season Survey. We would greatly appreciate you taking 5 minutes to answer a few simple questions that will help us better serve you next season.

First Name
Last Name
Phone (Optional)
Please tell us which age group you belong to.
Have you purchased ANY tickets to an IWVCA show this year? (If so, how many?)
How many years have you been a member of the IWVCA?
For how many years have you been attending IWVCA shows without being a member? (How many do you buy in a season?)
Are you a member of another Music organization? (if Yes, please type the name below)
Which genre of music are you more likely to buy tickets for?
Do you have a band or act that you would like to recommend? (Please provide contact information if you have it)
Are there any tribute bands you would like to bring to town? (ie Motown, Johnny Cash, Led Zepplen, etc)
How important are the extras at the Fairgrounds? (ie Dance Floor, Food Truck, Alcohol Sales, etc)
When it comes to membership sales, which do you prefer? (Please enter any ideas in the comment box below)
How happy are you with the current selection of shows this season?
Are there any changes you would like to see, or ideas you may have that would make your membership a better experience?
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