Catapult was AMAZING!

The Desert Empire Fairgrounds was alive Thursday night as Catapult told many fantastic stories with their shadows! The Desert Valleys Hall never looked better all dressed up and was filled with drop jaws throughout the audience!

Seeing the Catapult team shift effortlessly into shape after shape was something to behold. Catapult proved to be more than just story tellers as the amount of running, flexing, and the ability to work hand in hand together was something only a truly fit and integrated team would be able to accomplish. 

The show included stories which ranged from the traditional spy scene to the more real world bullying scenario. The stories were all fast paced, upbeat, and had happy endings. The Ridgecrest locals wore smiles and expressions of amazement throughout the entire show and realized that no longer would they have to drive 2-3 hours to enjoy some great family entertainment! 

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